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Pivotal CF Commercial Support

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Pivotal CF Commercial Support


Terms & Conditions

This policy follows the Terms and Conditions for Pivotal's Premium Support offering outlined here.

*Severity Levels:

  • Severity 1 Critical: a severe problem preventing customer or workgroup from performing critical business functions in their deployment environment
  • Severity 2 High: the customer or workgroup able to perform job function, but performance of job function degraded or severity limited
  • Severity 3 Medium: the customer or workgroup performance of job function is largely unaffected
  • Severity 4 Low: minimal system impact; includes feature requests and other non-critical questions

Pivotal CF Support Scope

  • Run time environments only
  • Troubleshooting Pivotal CF Upgrades and/or updates that uses Pivotal CF Ops Manager
  • In the course of troubleshooting the reported issue, necessary remote access to the affected environment for Pivotal CF support staff is required
  • Secure storage would be provided for customers to upload logs, configuration and any additional information for troubleshooting the issue
  • Max Number of  5 Technical Contacts per Pivotal CF foundation instance; 1 additional Technical contact for each Pivotal Analytics and/or Pivotal HD add-on service purchased


  • Pivotal CF Ops Manager support includes:
    • Installation Dashboard
    • Upgrade/updates of Pivotal owned “tiles”
    • Virtual appliance for Pivotal products

  Sold as Pivotal CF Foundation SKU


  • Pivotal CF Elastic Runtime support includes:
    • Command Line Interface tool (CLI)
    • Developer Console
    • Pivotal tc Server Buildpack
    • Tuning on documented parameters for buildpacks
    • Java Buildpack
    • Ruby Buildpack
    • NodeJS Buildpack
    • PHP Buildpack
    • tc Server Buildpack
    • Go Buildpack
    • Staticfile Buildpack
    • Binary Buildpack
    • Apache Tomcat
    • Spring

  Sold as Pivotal CF Elastic Runtime SKU


  • Pivotal HD service for Pivotal CF support includes:
    • Pivotal HD
    • Pivotal HD Service Broker

 Currently delivered for development use cases


  • Pivotal MySQL dev service for Pivotal CF support includes:
    • Upgrades and updates of the embedded MySQL software
    • Pivotal MySQL dev service broker


  • Pivotal RabbitMQ service for Pivotal CF support includes:
    • Pivotal RabbitMQ product
    • Pivotal RabbitMQ Service Broker

  Sold as Pivotal Pivotal App Suite SKU 


  • Does not include:
    • Support services prior to installation of Pivotal CF.  Customers who are interested in implementation and initial full installation assistance can engage Pivotal Professional Services
    • Bugs for embedded OpenSource software, not managed by Pivotal, for example Ruby, will be addressed in following the respective OpenSource project maintenance process
    • Technical guidance on the usage of embedded OpenSource technologies and components, for example, Ruby, MySQL, Node.js
    • Architectural design and consultancy of customers’ application at any stage of the development cycle
    • Rewriting application code to be compatible with Pivotal CF
    • Support for extending or customizing buildpacks beyond the documented parameters
    • Third party provided frameworks and services



The support option on this document apply (i) only between Pivotal and those organizations that procure the applicable products and/or maintenance under a contract directly with Pivotal (the “Pivotal Customer”); and (ii) only to those products or support options ordered by the Pivotal Customer at the time that the Pivotal CF Commercial Support Information is current. Pivotal may change the Pivotal CF Commercial Support Information at any time.  The Pivotal Customer will be notified of any change in the Pivotal CF Commercial Support Information in the manner stated in the current product ordering and/or maintenance related agreement between Pivotal and the Pivotal Customer, but any such change shall not apply to products or support options ordered by the Pivotal Customer prior to the date of such change.